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Discover Trancoso

Trancoso has beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters with a inviting temperature for diving or simply taking a sunbath, standing in the shade of trees or in the comfort of one of the many stalls. Each day, the river that gives name to the town draws a different design of the mangrove on the way to the sea, and its cool waters are the delight of the kids. The Quadrado, actually a grassy rectangle that forms the main square is surrounded by colorful houses - now transformed into fine restaurants and sophisticated shops - and has the background to bucolic Jesuit church from the time of discovery. Behind, a gazebo with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. For its history and beauty, the area has also been declared a national heritage.


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Trancoso has a wonderful local and international cuisine, chefs from all over the world make the "Quadrado" of Trancoso a reference for many tourists.

A little History

Trancoso originates from a Jesuit village called "São João Batista do Índios", founded in 1586.The village was (re) discovered in the late 1970s, when a generation of young Brazilians and Europeans, found in beauty and simple local habits, a good place to start a new life, different from the big cities. Back then there was only the set of houses arranged around the Quadrado - Today, Plaza São João - inhabited by natives, fishermen and people who lived off the land most. Gradually, tourism has developed, becoming the main economic activity.