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The hotel is located in downtown, on Main Street at 400 meters from the "Quadrado" of Trancoso (08 minute walk).
The hostel is 1.4 km away from the beaches (20 minute walk).
In the right is the Beach Of "Coqueiros", towards the "Quadrado" and to left, is the Beach Of "Nativos", this two are the closest (20 minutes walk). Both have beach cabanas with good structure and restaurants.
The best tour options are: ATV tours to the most distant shores as Itaquena, Itapororoca and Espelho. Bike rides to Itapororoca and Itaquena. Speedboat ride to the main beaches and beach Espelho. Stand Up and the ride of a Kayak. Diving to Recife de Fora, leaving the ferry from Arraial D'Ajuda.
A 6 km from Trancoso lies Caraíva exit, follow the dirt road, after crossing the river "Rio dos Frades" reach Villa "Imbiriba" now just 1 km from Itaporanga. Follow the signs until you reach "Outeiro das Brisas" at 10 km, entrance on the left, 3 km and you will reach the parking lot of the "Espelho" beach.

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